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In her keynote speech on “Leading through uncertainty”, 

Jude Jennison captivates and inspires audiences to create behavioural change

80% of change initiatives fail due to poor communication

At times of change, communication is often derailed by emotion

Jude will motivate your leaders with courage and compassion

Sharing inspiring stories of working with horses, Jude will emotionally engage your leaders and teams to create a high-performance culture

“When Jude speaks, her audience is captivated.”

“I was moved and inspired by her philosophy of compassionate leadership. A great role model of someone who embodies what she teaches with humility and grace.” Veronica Lac

Cleveland, Ohio

“Jude has a rare ability to clearly articulate complex information, often involving paradigms of both strategic context and emotional/ behavioural content. A true professional and an absolute pleasure to work with, I have no hesitation in fully endorsing her and her inspirational work.” Vanessa Clarke

Senior Lecturer, Management and Leadership, Birmingham City Business School

“I really enjoyed your talk at Names Not Numbers. It gave me the most food for thought of any of the talks I attended over the weekend. ” Chris Thurling

Executive Chariman, Armadillo CRM

“Jude combines profound business knowledge and open mind ready to lead you through uncertainty. Not as a “knower” but somebody who experience major life down and ups, perceives leadership as learning, grasp key life questions and invite you for the journey. Your journey.” Agata Wiatrowska


Jude Jennison speaks at conferences all over the world. She shares stories of working with horses to inspire and educate audiences to challenge the status quo and lead change with more energy, authenticity and compassion.

Author of the books Leadership Beyond Measure and Leading through uncertainty, here are some of the topics Jude can speak on….

Leadership Beyond Measure

Based on her book, Jude inspires her audience by sharing her personal accounts of life and leadership, the lessons she gained through her corporate leadership experience and how it was only when she overcame her fear of horses that her leadership skills developed in earnest.

She shares 7 leadership skills that are critical in business,  how we learn them and the impact they have in every day work situations.

Audiences are regularly moved by her stories of working with horses and leave the talk inspired to fine-tune their leadership and develop the courage, compassion and commitment that Jude role-models in every day work and life.

Leading Through Uncertainty

There are huge challenges facing leaders today. Those challenges require innovative and collaborative behaviours to work across the boundaries of departments, organisational structures, cultures, borders, belief systems and much more. 

Uncertainty requires leaders to operate out of the comfort zone and requires greater emotional resilience than ever before. 

Jude explores the challenges leaders face in uncertainty and the skills required to create greater emotional engagement and connection, enabling teams to align and people to engage.


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