S2E6: Jude Jennison reads ‘Leading Through Uncertainty’ Pain and Trauma

Chapter 6 of my book Leading Through Uncertainty  starts with a story of a horse called Tiffin who was triggered by his past trauma of being badly treated on a racing yard. The chapter explores how past experiences shape our leadership decisions and how organisational change creates trauma as people learn to adapt to the change.

It starts with the story of Tiffin:

Tiffin reared up, his eyes wild in fear and his legs flailing high above my head. My heart rate shot up, and I jumped back to avoid being kicked. The rope snapped as Tiffin pulled away from the fence, and he was free. He charged off down the yard towards the gate into the field, his head high, snorting in terror. I followed him cautiously, terrified of being trampled or kicked. Tiffin stood at the gate and I took hold of the lead rope. His heart was racing, and mine mirrored his, each of us fearing for our safety. I’m no match for a 600 kg horse who has lost all sense of reason, especially when my heart is pounding and I’m in overwhelm too. He danced on his toes, snorting and blowing hard. I couldn’t remove his head collar when he was in this state, so I unclipped the lead rope, opened the gate and let him go. He needed to move his feet and be free, and I needed to bring my heart rate down so I could be more resourceful. Within a few minutes, Tiffin was calm again as the perceived danger and fear subsided. I calmed down, too, but I remained cautious in handling him, knowing that the explosion could return another day.

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