S2E2: Jude Jennison reads ‘Leading Through Uncertainty’ Human beings vs supercomputers

In this podcast, I read out chapter 2 of my bookLeading Through Uncertainty and explain the context of uncertainty, how technology is driving a rapid pace of change and the emotional disconnection experienced in work. Here’s an extract:

“Sit down and be quiet.” The words of my childhood years at school. I was told what to do, how to do it, and I was expected to follow the instructions. I was rewarded when I did and reprimanded when I fell short. Things were fairly black and white. Pretty certain. The world looks very different today. Now you are competing against technology for your job. You’re not a robot, but you often feel like one. You are expected to be creative and innovative, but must not fail or make mistakes. You are encouraged to be empowered and take responsibility, but there are five levels of sign off to buy printer paper. You are told what to do and how to do it but criticised for not being agile and decisive. You have to meet tight deadlines and stretch targets, but there are insufficient people to do the work. As a result, you’ve been given enough workload for three people but are not considered resilient enough when you get stressed. The hierarchy is flattening, so you now have more than one boss, and they have different ideas about your priorities and objectives.

I hope you are superhuman.

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