Podcast​ 65: Garry Honey of Chiron on risk, resilience and uncertainty

Garry Honey runs a business called Chiron, a risk and resilience company specialising in uncertainty. I was excited to speak to him as he approaches uncertainty in a different yet compatible way to me. Garry works with boards of organisations on managing the uncertainty of risk and talks about the importance of treating risk management as part of strategy, rather than compliance.

I was fascinated to understand more about the mechanics of uncertainty in relation to how organisations can handle it as part of strategy. There is a tendency to believe we can nail down the answers to everything and of course we can’t, However, what I’m learning from Garry is that there is much more that organisations can do to mitigate and prepare for uncertainty that will ease the pain of handling it when it does arise. Definitely food for thought. What’s your experience of uncertainty? How might future planning prepare you better?

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