Podcast 64: Jude Jennison is interviewed by Duncan Brodie on uncertainty

I was delighted to have the tables turned this week as Duncan Brodie interviewed me on the skills that are needed by leaders in uncertain times. Of course, I had plenty to say about that. Not only did I write the book Leading through uncertainty but I’ve also run over 20 masterclasses in the four weeks that we’ve been in lockdown, as well as having additional conversations. It has dominated my thoughts (and occasionally my sleep) as I’ve learned even more from every interaction with every person.

For years I’ve been saying there is no right or wrong way to lead through uncertainty. By definition, it’s uncertain so we don’t have all the answers. This is so uncomfortable for people and requires us to step into a new way of leadership which is more fluid, flexible and emergent. It’s so challenging for people to grasp and I can’t wait until I can get people out working with the horses to feel this way pf leading again. But for now, my words seem to be helping leaders make sense of what they are experiencing for themselves, in their teams and in their families too.

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