Podcast 59: Anita Bhalla OBE on pushing boundaries and inclusive leadership

Anita Bhalla OBE is a leading figure in Birmingham where she holds a number of key roles, including Chair of the Birmingham Symphony and Town Hall and Head of the West Midlands Combined Authority Leadership Commission. Anita talks about setting up an Asian Women’s refuge in Leicester, her extensive career as a broadcaster for the BBC and the role of the Leadership Commission in engaging business in being more inclusive to lead social change in the region.

Anita was inspired by her parents to have a vision, a sense of purpose and a support system in uncertainty. She pushes the boundaries for the sake of something important. She sees what needs to be done and then makes it happen. Does that create uncertainty? Of course, but Anita doesn’t let that stop her because she knows that the vision she has is of major value. What’s the value of your vision and what boundaries do you need to push to make a difference?

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