Podcast 58: Irene King of IBM on using technology for business growth

Irene King is Head of IBM Systems Lab Services for UK & Ireland. She has lived and breathed uncertainty throughout her extensive career, continually responding to technological change and advising clients on how to use technology to grow their business. She applies the same approach to leading people too, recognising that everyone is different and everyone needs to have a voice to be engaged on the journey. If you think IBM is stuffy, think again. Irene is an entrepreneur.

I was really struck by Irene’s approach to uncertainty – her view that it’s not good or bad, it is just different. That gives me so much hope in those moments of doubt, to trust in the future, no matter how it unfolds, it will be different. It was also great to reminisce on my own experience in IBM and remember how incredible the people were that I worked with. IBM certainly gave me the foundations for leading through uncertainty. Perhaps that’s what technological change gives us all – the ability to flex and respond to whatever happens in the future. How do you prepare yourself for the change and uncertainty ahead? How do you develop the skill of flexibility and adaptability?

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