Podcast 57: David Keene on balancing creativity with structure

David Keene is the CEO of the RDM Group based in Coventry. He celebrates 27 years of running his business next month but the vigour and enthusiasm he brings, as well as his approach, are akin to an entrepreneurial startup, which is of course what he set up 27 years ago. David loves uncertainty because it keeps things fresh and exciting and explains how he balances that with providing a structure within which creativity can occur. He has a plan B, C, D for everything so it seems that whatever happens, David is ready to lead through it.

I love that David says yes to everything and works how the “how” later. That’s creative, innovative leadership at its best. He has created a culture of this in his business so that people are positive about the future and trust that they can achieve the impossible, even if they don’t know how. Business leaders often say they want people to be more entrepreneurial and innovative but they micro-manage everything their people do. David’s approach is refreshing. He trusts people to come up with the creative answer and gives people the space to thrive. What do your team need from you to thrive in uncertainty?

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