Podcast 56: Ray O’Donoghue of Barclays on change, engaging people and customers

Ray O’Donoghue is MD of Corporate Banking for the Midlands region in Barclays. He talks about transforming the organisation from geography-led to industry-led and how the relationships with customers changed. It was a bold move that could have led to resistance but he engaged people by making sure they were part of the solution, continually refining the solution based on feedback.

Until today, when I think of the banking industry, my first thought is money and numbers. Ray’s first thought is people and relationships. He never mentioned numbers and bottom line once yet of course those are important too but he’s clear that it’s people and relationships that are the lifeblood of the bank. I wonder what the world might look like if every business were more focused on engaging people and customers and including them in the solution-making process. Where is your attention – on the numbers or the people and relationships? How do you ensure your team, organisation and customers are part of the solution?

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