Podcast 53: Susan Gee on wellbeing, stress and psychological health in the workplace

Susan Gee is Head of Wellbeing and Occupational Health for Yorkshire Water and is a highly regarded expert on stress and wellbeing. She talks about how work has been proven to be good for people and that we need to ensure that we make mental wellbeing at work as important as physical wellbeing. Susan has a wealth of knowledge on this subject and really understands the role that effective leadership has on our mental health.

I love the question that she asks herself at the end of each day: “Have I done right by the people today?” Such an important question that all leaders could ask themselves. Susan has decades of experience in the workplace and she’s well read on the topic of physical and emotional wellbeing. She really understands the impact of work on our wellbeing across all 4 generations in the workplace. She is right at the forefront driving change to improve our wellbeing at work. I love Susan’s take that ultimately it comes down to basic communication and getting on with other people. So much easier said than done but clearly she’s leading the way in Yorkshire Water and there are so many things that every leader and every company can learn from her.

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