Podcast 52: Mani Hayre on career change, moving to Birmingham and being an Asian woman

Mani Hayre is a Client Relationship Manager at Falcon Insurance and a regular blogger at Mani’s madness. She talks openly about losing her job, how it impacted her self-esteem and starting her career again a decade later. As part of re-starting her new career, she moved from her home town of Scunthorpe to Birmingham. She explains how challenging it was to uproot her whole life to a new city, the loneliness she experienced, recovering from a house fire, owning a new home, having panic attacks and what it is to be an Asian woman living in Birmingham.

What struck me about Mani as I spoke to her is how courageous and resilient she is. She’s overcome so much and has such a positive outlook on her future. I was especially fascinated that Mani found it a culture shock to be surrounded by the Asian community in Birmingham when she was used to living in a white working-class Northern town. It’s interesting that trying to fit into a majority culture is just as difficult as trying to find a sense of belonging as a minority. In the end, it’s about trusting that who we are is enough and embracing our differences and accepting ourselves and each other. Mani advocates the importance of curiosity and communication human being to human being. My wish for 2020 is that we do more of that.

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