Podcast 37: Saqib Bhatti on the banking crisis, humility, curiosity, diversity, clarity and vision

Saqib Bhatti became the youngest President of the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce in Birmingham when he was only 28 years of age. He shares his experience as an auditor in the banking crisis where people dismissed questions as preposterous that later turned out to be the crucial ones. Inspired by his father, a leading businessman in the West Midlands, Saqib role models curiosity and a desire to understand the point of view of people with different experience, skills and backgrounds.

Saqib believes that the history-making leader will be the one who can cut through all the chaos and provide the clarity of vision. We certainly need more of that in both politics and in business.

I loved his take on humility and the strength of character that it requires. In particular, when he said: “Being humble doesn’t mean being shy. It means being confident and resolute. You have to take everyone with you and make sure everyone buys into your vision.” Saqib seems to navigate the fine balance between curiosity, humility and the courage of his convictions and demonstrates the challenge we have as leaders to hold potentially paradoxical skills in perfect harmony. Easier said than done but that’s the leadership challenge.

How does the balance of humility, curiosity and the courage of your convictions feature in your leadership?

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This podcast was recorded as part of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce’s Growth through People 2019 campaign.

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