Podcast 35: Ron Carucci explores the uncertainty created by change

Ron Carucci from Navalent shares his story of moving from the east to west coast of the US, taking his family with him, the challenges of taking on more than one role and the importance of reflection as part of our development as leaders. He explains that sometimes uncertainty is thrust upon us and sometimes we create our own uncertainty by the choices we make. I think that’s an interesting take because we often think uncertainty is completely out of our control, yet Ron argues, and for what it’s worth, I agree with him, he argues that we create uncertainty by instigating change.

I learn something new about uncertainty every time I speak to someone. Ron actually says the moment we stop learning, we’ve given up on leading. I love his tip about “giving it a go and keep going!” I’m not sure his kids will thank me for his top tip but I think it’s a useful one. There is a tendency to stop and prevaricate in uncertainty, to try and establish control and create a plan, or to run around like a headless chicken in complete chaos.

The thing about uncertainty is that we are not in control. Once it’s instigated, whether by us or upon us, we have to lead our way through it the best we can. Ron and his team at Navalent specialise in that so check them out if you are in the US.

You can reach Ron:

email: ron@navalent.com
Free e-book: www.navalent.com/transformation
twitter: @roncarucci

Until next time, how are you reflecting on your leadership? Who are you being as a leader?

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