Podcast 34: Richard Edge from Mondelez talks about mental health, trust and asking for help

Richard Edge is a Customer Development Controller at Mondelez. Richard’s story of uncertainty is both professional and personal as he shares his story of how he finally admitted to having a mental health issue some 18 months after struggling on in silence. He speaks candidly about the uncertainty of being open and honest about mental health as well as the uncertainty of returning to work after a 6 month period of absence. Richard’s story is both harrowing and heart-warming. This is a must for everyone to listen to

Wow. I’m blown away by the strength of Richard’s willingness to be vulnerable in service of sharing his story in the hope that it helps just one person who might be struggling. But more than that, there are real lessons for all of us to consider how we lead ourselves and others. I urge you to consider… Where might you be struggling? Where might you ask for help? Where might you just admit that you need a break? And who in your team is struggling and needs help? How do you know?

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