Podcast 33: Karen Walker on business visions, personal commitments and taking a risk

Karen Walker is President of OneTeam and author of the book No Dumbing Down. She’s no stranger to uncertainty. She explains how she had the courage to leave a well-paid job in her early twenties to help set up Compaq, a company that grew exponentially in the 14 years she was there. She is a strong advocate for the development of people and teams to grow business. She has a wealth of wisdom and experience and shares it generously in this interview. Have a listen.

I loved what Karen said about risk and commitment. The idea that what we are committed to is where we take a risk. So if we are committed to security above anything else, we won’t take a risk! But if we are committed to the vision of the organisation, the success of a team or the business objectives, we’ll go above and beyond. I think that’s an interesting thought for leaders of organisations and teams. How do you create a compelling enough vision and business objectives that engage your team to be committed to taking a risk? How do you align employees’ personal commitments with the business? What’s your experience?

If you would like to get in touch with Karen Walker, you can reach her at:

karenwalker.us | twitter | instagram | linkedin

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