Podcast 30: Lynda Moore, Bradfords Group

Transforming company culture is always challenging, especially when going from a family culture to a commercial one. Lynda Moore, Head of Talent and Development at the Bradfords group, explains how communication was key and has improved collaboration. She talks openly about the challenges of attracting a younger and more diverse employee and the impact that has on the business and the managers within it.

Cultural change is always challenging and clearly, communication has been a large part of bringing the employees with them as Bradford shifts from a family culture to a commercial one to secure its future growth and position in the marketplace. I love the three skills that Lynda identified as being important – resilience, creativity and commercial. Those three skills will go a long way for every leader in today’s uncertainty.

Lynda also explained the need to expand your comfort zone and the willingness to have a go at something that you’ve not tried before. It’s the infamous saying: “If you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always got.” Clearly, Lynda is willing to embrace uncertainty and push the boundaries in order to grow and develop the business.

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