Podcast 29: Jude is interviewed by her publisher Practical Inspiration Publishing


They say everyone has a book in them so when I set about writing my second book, I knew I wanted to create something of value. I was introduced to Alison Jones, the owner of Practical Inspiration Publishing and instantly knew that this was a woman who understood all about publishing and writing and business. I joined her mastermind group and she helped me from start to finish – from the initial defining of the structure of the book, to the target market and the writing and publishing process as well. Her guidance and persuasive challenge kept me going.

In this podcast, Alison interviewed me for her highly successful and engaging podcast series called The Extraordinary Business Book club.

We talked about the book launch, the challenge of writing about a visceral experience and the focus, commitment and discipline to see the project through to the end.

Alison was my inspiration for this podcast series so it was great to have the tables turned on me and for me to share some of my perspective.

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