Podcast 27: Donna Warr, Head of Colleague Experience, Curo Housing Group

Donna Warr is Head of Colleague Experience at Curo Housing Group, a Sunday Times Top 100 organisation based in Bath who provides housing in the Southwest of England. Donna talks about her experience of going through a restructuring programme in her previous company and how difficult it was due to the lack of communication throughout the process at a time of personal uncertainty shortly before going off on maternity leave. She used that experience to ensure that when she had to lead her own team through a similar process sometime later, she handled it very differently.

Donna is clearly someone who reflects and learns from personal experience and constantly seeks to improve the way people are led. The transparency and openness she talks about is so often lacking in uncertainty but I think her stories demonstrate how we need to provide as much certainty as possible in times of great uncertainty and how it’s down to both the leader of a team and the individuals within that team to find ways to bounce back from challenging and stressful situations. Clearly, transparency and a support network are crucial for Donna’s resilience.

How do you find resilience when it is challenging? And how do you support your team through it as well?

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