Podcast 26: Laura Shuckburgh, Associate Director, Rickett Architects

Laura Shuckburgh is the Associate Director of Rickett Architects in Leamington Spa. Laura embraces uncertainty with ease. Knowing little about architecture when she joined the business, Laura has used her creativity in other ways and developed her role to include business development as well as the development of the people in the business. She admits to being an ideas person and recognises that most people are not keen on change. She talks about productivity, the need to slow down to be more effective and the value of coaching to align the team.

Laura is a strong advocate of slowing down to be in the moment and enjoy the process, something I know many people struggle with, in uncertainty. I think we have to find our own ways of doing that.

I enjoyed the story about Laura’s love of curves in architecture and her husband’s love of straight lines. That made me chuckle about the conversations they might have over the dinner table. It’s a great example of how polarised we can be in uncertainty and Laura explains how it’s ultimately about what clients want. I also loved Laura’s line “Life’s too short to do something you’re not passionate about.” Have a listen.

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