Podcast 24: Elinor Perry-Hall, MD, Pentlands Accountants and Advisors

Elinor Perry-Hall is the MD of Pentlands Accountants and Advisors. Elinor turns accountancy on its head by putting people at the heart of everything they do. She talks about the uncertainty created by a substantial brand development that her business has recently gone through and how it affected everything they do in the business.

Elinor role models holding polarities in leadership. She says herself that she’s very action-orientated but her whole business and her approach is people-focused. She’s both highly intuitive and creative and balances that with facts and data. It takes exceptional skill in a leader to hold polarities in balance and Elinor seems to have nailed it. She’s honest about taking things personally when they don’t work out as planned and the need to celebrate the wins along the way and not lose sight of the great things that are being achieved. It’s all about balance and expanding our range. Have a listen.

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