Podcast 23: Colin D. Smith, The Listener

Colin D. Smith is known as The Listener and specialises in teaching people to listen. Colin explains how we are taught to communicate through the forms of reading, writing and speaking which are ways that allow us to express ourselves. However, we are rarely taught to listen which is an essential skill for understanding and relating to the person doing the expressing! Learning to listen shifts the communication from self-expression to a two-way dialogue. I’d never thought of it in that way before.

Amazing isn’t it that we don’t spend enough time listening. I’ve met Colin a few times and he is an incredible listener. I always feel seen, heard and understood when I’m with him and as a result, it makes me much more open and transparent. I know a lot of organisations like to think they have a culture of openness and transparency but the reality is often very different. The people who are not open, don’t speak up about it. There’s a thought. How might you open people up through better listening?

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