Podcast 21: Vicki Wentworth, Chief Customer Officer, Wesleyan Assurance

Vicki Wentworth is the Chief Customer Officer at Wesleyan Assurance. She’s had an outstanding career so far. Having started in the military, she developed her leadership skills early on in critical war situations and has brought all of those leadership skills into the financial services industry. It gives her a true, grounded self-confidence that you rarely see. In this interview, she shares some amazing stories of leadership – both in the military and at Wesleyan.

Vicki shares some fascinating stories that demonstrate the importance of being able to lead through uncertainty with confidence. She has this ability to profoundly care as she puts it whilst staying calm under pressure. She talks about having a “deal breaker” in your leadership – a quality that is non-negotiable and creates some consistency and certainty for people that they know they can rely on your for. For Vicki it is trust. For me, it’s courage and compassion. What’s your deal breaker?

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