Podcast 20: Mark Underwood, Managing Director, Staffline Recruitment

Mark Underwood is the MD of Staffline Recruitment, the largest recruiter in the UK with an employee base of 50,000 people. In this interview, we covered just about everything – from entrepreneurialism, innovation and creativity, to LEAN and process and procedures to psychological safety, communication, resilience and everything in between. Mark’s not just smart, he’s genuine, humble, honest and likeable.

Mark was introduced to me as “he’s just awesome, he’s such a cool guy” and I couldn’t agree more. In my book Leading through uncertainty, I state that “it takes an exceptionally skilled leader to balance the energy of driving results with the softness of nurturing in complete harmony” Mark is one of the few people I’ve met who seems to have mastered it. He’s a thoroughly engaging, interesting and insightful leader who is entrepreneurial in leading a huge business of 50-60,000 people, yet he knows that it’s people that are the lifeblood of the business. Totally inspiring… have a listen.

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