Podcast 19: Stephen Maddock OBE, Chief Executive, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Stephen Maddock OBE is the CEO of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. After 19 years as the CEO, you’d think there’s not much Stephen hasn’t seen but he explains the uncertainty of leading a world-class orchestra that relies on a mix of government funding (which has been slashed in the last few years), charitable donations and commercial income.

Stephen is matter of fact about his qualities as a mad creative and left-brain logical pragmatist but it’s a winning combination. He keeps fresh in the role by being very connected to the passion behind why he does what he does and the value it brings to society. He talks about how the CBSO must continue to raise the bar in terms of the value they bring and the quality of what they do. I think that’s something that every organisation should also be considering – not just how we raise the bar by increasing turnover and profit but how do we provide better quality services at a lower cost to create a positive impact in society? Something to think on this week.

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