Podcast 13: Jane Austin, Director of HR, Wave

Jane Austin is the Head of HR for Wave, a start-up business in the utility industry. Jane has experienced huge uncertainty in the last 18 months as the business has undergone massive change. She shares her passion for engaging people emotionally, the importance of communication and how to do it when you legally can’t!

I was inspired by Jane’s ability to balance her enthusiasm for change with the understanding she has for the fact that change can be excruciating for others. She continually seeks ways to engage people, recognising that emotions need to be included as part of the process. Jane explains some key HR policy decisions she has made that would normally be considered unaffordable for a start-up. She explains the importance of being both strategic and operational in business and HR and why she believes investment in people policies is an ethical and moral obligation, as well as making good business sense.

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