Podcast 55: Martin Reeves on disruptive change

Martin Reeves is CEO of Coventry City Council. He thrives on disruptive change and is comfortable with the chaos it brings, confident in the knowledge that transformation is created from chaos. His energy is infectious, and I found myself caught up in his enthusiasm. But Martin brings more than just enthusiasm. He engages people through solid leadership and relationship skills. The world needs more CEOs like him who not only embrace change but actively encourage difference as a way to achieve it.

I was struck by some of the language that Martin uses like grieving for the loss of the old, recognising the trauma that change creates. Few leaders use those words, yet I write extensively about them in my book Leading Through Uncertainty. He also recognises that leadership is not about being heroic but distributing the knowledge and power amongst the wider community. That’s complex but it is the world we live in and we need to develop leaders who can think and operate in that way. Coventry has undergone massive change under Martin’s leadership. I hope he expands his impact to the wider world. I know we are in safe hands with leaders like him. How are you disrupting the future for the better?

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