Podcast 50: Cathy Wahlberg on the 2008 recession, adapting to change and the need for self care

Cathy Wahlberg is one of the Directors of Alsters Kelley solicitors based in Warwickshire. She talks about how the recession in 2008 created uncertainty as every industry had to reform and adapt to new ways of working. Cathy talks openly about the need to up-skill leaders and adapt to embrace the uncertainty created by a rapid pace of change.

Cathy’s focus on the importance of staying calm under pressure is a crucial one. As I see more and more clients operating from a baseline of stress behaviour, I know from personal experience that being calm and grounded isn’t easy in high performance and fast paced business environments. Cathy stresses the need for self care – the basics such as getting enough sleep, eating well and exercising. Those are the foundations of our wellbeing and leadership that are so often crumbling.

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