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Thought leadership


Our pioneering thought leadership round tables combine intellectual discussion with embodied learning with horses for a fully integrated heart, mind and body approach

White papers document the findings and invoke further reflection and insights into leadership

How we lead in business and the decisions we take fundamentally shape our world and our society

The responsibility of how we do that lies with each and everyone one of us

The knowledge required to make these seismic shifts in leadership is not in our heads and on paper

It’s fundamentally greater

“We can talk about leadership and connection at a theoretical level but trying to actually establish a connection was very different in practice when we often think it is easy.” Laurel Dines

Hudson Talent Solutions

Thought leadership round tables with horses are an ideal way of bringing together your clients or suppliers to align around a specific business topic or gain insights into customer needs

We tailor the round tables based on the topic that is relevant to your business

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