Team Recovery Days

How do you recover from the last year?

After a challenging year and remote working, most teams are disconnected and exhausted.

Constant change, social isolation and a lack of freedom cause stress behaviour in the best of us.
Resilience doesn’t come close to what has been expected of us all.
Spring is on its way but you can’t just bounce back when everyone is still reeling.

Everyone needs time and space to process the last year.
You need to let go of what was, in order to move forward.
Do it together as a team in the safety of the outdoors with the support and connection of horses.

*We practise Covid-secure processes outdoors with social distancing. Ask us for more information.

Do you remember the days of laughing together and having fun?

“Working with Jude, her colleagues and her amazing team of horses has been truly transformational at all levels of our company.

The incredible step change in understanding across our leadership team acted as a catalyst, creating the foundations for our COVID19 recovery and future growth.

We will always be thankful to Jude for her insight, guidance and sharing the tools for extraordinary self development”.

Peter Marsden

Director and Co-Founder, Entec Si

Feel the energy of freedom and joy again!

Team Recovery Days are designed to be spacious.

Join me and my herd of horses to re-ground, re-connect and get clarity on what’s next.

It’s time to come back to centre, to let go of the last year and move forward with renewed confidence and clarity.

Horses respond to your non-verbal energy. In their presence, you become more authentic and more relaxed.

Re-discover your inner calm and re-build from that place.

Celebrate what you’ve achieved. Let go of what was lost. Start anew today.


Call Jude today on 0800 170 1810 to book your Team Recovery Day

Recover your team to vitality today!