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Open workshops


We all have the capacity to be extraordinary, so why settle for anything less?

This one-day Leadership with Horses workshop is suitable for leaders who want to increase self-awareness and self-confidence and expand their leadership capabilities

Join other leaders from a variety of businesses to explore your leadership strengths and discover where you get derailed

Learn how to modify your approach with different people

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“It was one of the most enlightening experiences ever! Jude is an expert in her field who encourages you and enables you to open up to ideas and concepts that are buried away deep in your personality. It is a phenomenal way of understanding who you are and what makes you tick.” Kelly Avery

Customer Account Manager, NRG Direct Mail

What you can expect

Increase self-awareness
Identify your strengths and get feedback on your leadership capabilities

Explore your default patterns of behaviour and learn where you get derailed

Resolve differences
Discover how to use the subtle art of non-verbal communication to build rapport

Resolve conflict and influence others through differences of opinion

Create success
Increase executive presence and impact

Find new ways to work with others more cohesively and overcome barriers to success


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Why horses

In this one day workshop, you lead horses on the ground.

No riding is involved and no horse experience is necessary.

Horses respond based on your non-verbal communication so you get clear feedback when your leadership is compelling and when it is not.

Find news way to be more adaptable and flexible in your leadership to get results in different situations.