Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching with horses

With increased workloads and an “always on” approach, work has become more challenging.

Stress behaviour is the new normal which means your unconscious patterns of behaviour are more likely to derail you from your best work without you realising it.

I coach with horses because they instantly reveal those blockers, fast-tracking the process of behavioural change.

In one day, you will identify your key blockers and find new ways to lead effectively.
It will fast-track your career and change is guaranteed.

I coach CEOs, executives, senior leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners to:


  • Overcome major challenges
  • Lead fast-paced change with ease
  • Feel confident leading out of the comfort zone
  • Resolve differences and work in harmony with others
  • Improve relationships and communication
  • Accelerate their career by identifying and overcoming personal blockers

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