Team alignment

The pressure to deliver business results in a high performance culture can create tension amongst competing objectives and approaches

I help executive teams align their strategy through a common vision, purpose and values

I help you identify and integrate different leadership styles and behaviours to improve communication and relationships in order to deliver results faster

“Working with the horses was amazing and impactful for our team in so many ways. We began with a range of emotions – scepticism, fear of horses, confidence and excitement. We learned to give each other objective, non-judgmental feedback, to understand our strengths and vulnerabilities and to build trust to lead together. We unlocked a confidence that we all feel every day.”

Fiona Morris

Former EMEA HR Lead, Cargill Meats Europe

Executive team alignment programmes begin with a day of Leadership with Horses to identify the leadership styles of each member of the team, understand default patterns of behaviour and discover communication challenges

I combine individual and team coaching, align your strategic objectives and help you overcome key challenges.


Call Jude today on 0800 170 1810 to discuss how I can help you align your team

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