Leadership with Horses

Developing leaders and teams by working with horses

 Leadership with Horses

One day workshop

How do you lead out of your comfort zone?

In this one day workshop, you will explore:

  • Your default patterns of behaviour
  • Your key strengths
  • Where you get derailed
  • Trust and respect
  • Effective communication skills

The horses engage when you provide a balance between:

  • Clarity of direction
  • A strong relationship
  • Free will to choose to come or not

What clients say

We get things done a lot quicker. People are more focused and have a greater sense of commonality of direction.”

Gavin Hands, The Emmport Group

I work experientially with a herd of horses who respond based on your non-verbal communication and teamwork

I combine over 25 years of corporate leadership experience with a decade of leadership and coaching expertise to help you map back the learning to practical work situations

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