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How do you lead with courage and compassion in moments of uncertainty, discomfort and conflict?

Leadership happens out of the comfort zone

When you don’t know what to think, say or do, it’s time to step up and lead

As an author and thought leader, Jude Jennison is regularly invited to panel discussions and talks where she joins the dots between business, technology and people

Thought leadership white papers

In October 2016, I launched the first ever thought leadership round table with horses. I brought together thought leaders to expand the thinking on leadership and to integrate working with horses to gain insights into the embodied experience of the concepts discussed. 

Leading Through Uncertainty


This report documents the findings of the pioneering thought leadership round table with horses. It covers: 

  • The context of uncertainty and the impact of technology
  • The emotional challenges of uncertainty and how to overcome them
  • The skills needed to lead through uncertainty with more confidence and less stress


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Creating human connection in a performance driven culture


This white paper documents the findings of a round table with horses, where thought leaders discussed how the rapid advancement of technology has fuelled fast-paced change in business and society, leading to a high-performance culture.

The report covers:

  • How technology has increased the pace of work and how to manage it
  • The tension of competing objectives and the need for greater trust and vulnerability
  • How to create human connection in fast-paced environment, through flexibility, clear boundaries and self-awareness

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The Three Positions of Leadership


A high-performing team has 3 primary roles that enable the team to work cohesively together and is based on a shared leadership model.

This white paper covers:

  • How to lead from the front, middle and back of a team
  • How all three positions are crucial to team cohesion and success
  • When to switch to a different position and how to influence others in different ways 
  • The importance of adaptability, agility and flexibility to enable leaders to switch from one style of leadership to another according to what is needed in the team

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Academic Theory papers


As part of my continuous development, I regularly attend conferences and courses to expand my knowledge and expertise.

I’ve researched why working with horses can have such enormous and rapid benefits for people and captured some of my research into academic theory papers which are available here for you to read.

White papers include:

  • The existential anxiety of uncertainty
  • Phenomenology is the gateway to embodied leadership
  • Belonging and authenticity in leadership


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