Leading through uncertainty


Leading through uncertainty

There are major challenges facing global leaders today

The rapid advancement of technology has fuelled fast-paced change in business, creating a high performance culture that requires leaders to be resilient, agile and results-focused

The increased level of uncertainty and an ever-expanding workload create stress, overwhelm, fear and polarization, leading to disconnection

The world never stops and when people get caught in the same trap, they risk burning out

Jude Jennison explores the challenges leaders face as human beings in a technological world, the new habits and behaviours they need to adopt to re-connect on a human to human basis, and the leadership qualities they need in order to embrace differences and work in harmony

Jude advocates returning to the core of humanity to find the natural human characteristics of communication, connection, compassion and community

The book includes interviews with CEOs, executives and senior leaders of large global corporations, examining the difficulties they face leading people and organisations in a time of great insecurity and uncertainty

“Leading Through Uncertainty” will be published in May 2018.