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Thought leadership white papers

You can download the following White Papers here:

Leading Through Uncertainty

This white paper covers:

  • the context of uncertainty,
  • the emotional challenges it creates
  • the skills needed to lead change with more confidence and less stress

Human connection in a performance driven culture

This document explores:

  • technology and change
  • the tension of competing objectives
  • the importance of being human in fast-paced change

Three Positions
of Leadership

This white paper explains how a high-performing team works:

  • Leading from the front
  • Leading from the back
  • Leading from the middle

Academic Theory papers


As part of my continuous development, I regularly attend conferences and courses to expand my knowledge and expertise.

I’ve researched why working with horses can have such enormous and rapid benefits for people and captured some of my research into academic theory papers which are available here for you to read.

White papers include:

  • The existential anxiety of uncertainty
  • Phenomenology is the gateway to embodied leadership
  • Belonging and authenticity in leadership

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