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‘Jude Jennison’s leadership lessons show great empathy and creativity. Her ideas are fresh – and they work.’ – Julia Hobsbawm, OBE

‘A thoroughly engaging, human and insightful book and definitely one for now!’ – Gina Lodge, CEO, Academy of Executive Coaching

‘An uncertain landscape has become the one certainty for business and good leadership has become even more important. This book is for all those who want to ensure they can lead their organisations through these challenging times.’ – Ian O’Donnell, MBE

The rapid advancement of technology has fuelled fast-paced change in business, creating a high-performance culture that requires leaders to be resilient, agile and results-focused. But the increased level of uncertainty and an ever-expanding workload often create stress, overwhelm, fear and polarization, leading to disconnection. The world never stops, and when people get caught in the same trap they risk burning out.

In Leading Through Uncertainty, leadership expert Jude Jennison explores the challenges leaders face as human beings in a technological world, the new habits and behaviours they need to adapt to re-connect on a human to human basis, and the leadership qualities they need to lead through uncertainty.

This is a call to return to the core of humanity to find the natural human characteristics of communication, connection, compassion and community, drawing on the experience of working with a herd of horses to understand the impact of non-verbal communication on leadership.

Leadership happens out of the comfort zone. When you don’t know what to think, say or do, it’s time to step up and lead. You need to let go of your fears and be inspiring and courageous, even when you don’t know-how. Easier said than done.

Jude Jennison shares her extraordinary story of bringing Leadership with Horses into business, only six months after overcoming her fear of horses. She explores seven leadership lessons that individuals and businesses learn from working with the horses and maps them back to real-life situations.

If you want to end the struggle of leadership and find ways to deal with challenging situations and people, pick up this book. Expect to be challenged and provoked into exploring your impact at a greater depth.

This is a book to return to repeatedly as you fine-tune your leadership.

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