Glamping, coaching and horses retreat

Return to your own true nature

Recharge in nature

This Glamping, Coaching and Horses Retreat combines horses, coaching, stunning countryside views, storytelling round a campfire, meditation, sleeping outdoors under canvas and much more to help you recharge and restore and get clarity on what’s next.

Fast paced change, world events and living in a hyperconnected world of technology
can sometimes be exhausting and overwhelming

Do you want time out to recharge and restore in the presence of other like-minded people?

Join me and my herd of horses to create time and space to let go of your busy work and life for two days
and reclaim your true nature, in nature.

A person with two horses

What can you expect from this Glamping, Coaching and Horses Retreat?

You’ll wake to the gentle sound of horses munching on grass nearby.

As you step out of your glamping bell tent, take in the stunning 360 degree views of the natural beauty around you. You’re surrounded by the rolling hills of the Staffordshire Moorlands and the Derbyshire Peak Disctrict.

We start the day meditating in the presence of the horses, and you’ll let go of any stress or tension you may be carrying.

After a nutritious breakfast, you’ll have the opportunity to work with horses on a deeper level through our unique coaching sessions.

Horses are incredibly intuitive animals, and they have a way of connecting you to your true nature. As you communicate with these majestic creatures, you develop a deeper understanding of yourself in the process.

You’ll have time to walk the land and see where nature calls you, journalling and reflection, as well as coaching with horses.

In the evenings, we’ll gather around the fire and share stories. There’s something magical about sitting in a circle round a campfire, eating nutritious food, and connecting with others.

During the retreat, you’ll recharge and restore your wellbeing.

You’re not just in nature. You are nature.

We believe that people, technology and nature are not separate. What if you could integrate all three?

This retreat will show you how.


Two horses grazing

What might the horses want to tell you?

Join me and my herd of horses to come back to centre, to let go of the last few years and move forward with renewed confidence and clarity.

Horses respond to your non-verbal energy. In their presence, you become more authentic and more relaxed.

Re-discover your inner calm and re-build from that place.

You are nature. Join us, leave the world behind for a weekend and return to your true nature.

A person with a white horse in a field

Join us to recharge and restore

Friday 30th June 4pm
to Sunday 2nd July 2pm

Booth Hall Farm Stables, Clamgoose Lane, Kingsley, Staffordshire, ST10 2EG

Includes all meals and refreshments

Full price £1150 inc VAT

Early bird price £795 inc VAT
(Early bird price ends 31st March 2023)

Jude Jennison with a black horse




3 horses with views of Staffordshire Moorlands

About Jude

I’m a coach, author, leader and work with a herd of horses to reveal nonverbal behaviour in leaders and teams.

I mostly work with corporate leaders and teams, but these retreats are a unique opportunity for individuals to work with me and my horses.

I believe we all want to thrive in work and life and sometimes we forget how. 

I help leaders connect to their true nature, in nature.

I stretch beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone to live my best life and do my best work, so you can too.

In 2022, I purchased an equestrian centre in Staffordshire and moved house, horses and business, so I could provide these glamping retreats with horses. 

I’m known for creating transformational experiences with the aid of my horses, and I hope you’ll join us to have your own experience. You deserve it.

If you have any questions about the retreat, you can call me on 0800 170 1810 or +44 7584 248822.

I want my work to be accessible to everyone so if you wish to discuss a payment plan, please contact me for details.