Writing books is a labour of love

The hours of research, writing, editing, formatting that go into writing books are inexplicable. I spent 24 hours throughout 10 days creating the index alone. I got behind on all my other work and I almost gave up. I had several conversations with my husband over whether people actually ever use an index (I don’t). He was horrified, explaining it’s the first place he looks. Clearly, we read in a different way.

How we read a book and how we use it differs for everyone. That makes the challenge of writing books even greater. How do you write a book that meets the needs of everyone? You don’t or at least I didn’t. I did, however, consider that some people like to read from cover to cover without pausing for breath and others like to dip in and out when the time seems right. But for those who love an index, (I was going to say “a good index” but I’m not sure I can stretch it that far) I persevered and I hope it is worth the effort.

Expanding the reach

I write books because each book reaches new people who don’t have the chance for the deep learning through a Leadership with Horses workshop. Readers can create changes in behaviour through the written word in their own time instead.

My books also enhance the learning clients get from working with me and help them make deeper sense of the learning. Writing books began as an aid to my clients’ learning. I soon realised that books can help readers who experience the world and want to make sense of it and their leadership in some way.

Writing books changes us

In the process of writing, I am changed. I join dots I haven’t seen before, I find myself learning and applying new behaviours. The application of those new behaviours further enhances my learning so the process becomes iterative. That means I can support clients in an even deeper way than before.

In the words of my publisher, Alison Jones of Practical Inspiration Publishing: “Writing changes us. It takes us below the surface of the superficial thinking and communicating we do every day to something deeper and more valuable.”

I’m not known for superficial communication but writing books definitely deepens my learning and takes me to a new level of understanding of my work. I’ve felt that shift in the work I’ve done with clients in the past few months as I’ve been writing, as well as in my own life. Writing has, therefore, become a commitment I make to readers, clients and myself.

Ideas that resonate

My latest book Leading through uncertainty has been endorsed by leading HR authors and thought leaders, including Dave Ulrich (author of 200 articles and 25 books!) and Kevin Cashman (author of Leadership from the Inside Out and Global CEO of Korn Ferry) amongst many others. It appears my ideas have resonated with the leading thought leaders on leadership. Kevin Cashman’s book was one of the key texts that changed the course of my life so imagine my squeals of delight when I received his feedback:

Leaders transform complexity to clarity and uncertainty to understanding. Get Jude’s new book to move into deeper clarity and deeper understanding to navigate change with grace, authenticity, connection and presence.”

Gerhard Krebs, founder of HorseDream had an early copy of my new book Leading through uncertainty. One key sentence that resonated with him was: “How we lead in business and the decisions we take, fundamentally shape the world and society. The responsibility of leadership lies with each and every one of us.”

I believe that together we can shape the future we want to live in and change our experience of the world. We need to keep learning and growing to rise to the challenge. Are you willing? I am. In the process, I’ll keep writing books in the hope that lives will continue to be changed.

If you are leading through uncertainty or navigating substantial change,

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Leading through uncertainty book launch on 24th May 2018 in Warwickshire