Jude Jennison wins Woman Who Solopreneur 2019

Jude Jennison of Leaders by Nature was announced as the winner of the Woman Who  Achieves Solopreneur award 2019 at an awards lunch at Coombe Abbey on Friday 7th June 2019.

Founder of Leaders by Nature, a company inspiring leaders and aligning teams in medium-large organisations, Jude works with a herd of horses who respond based on your non-verbal feedback.

Jude said: “I’m delighted to win this award as it recognises the enormous challenges I’ve overcome to grow my business in the last two years and it shows what is possible when you are focussed, committed and build a solid network of support.”

Solopreneurs are the often forgotten but important businesses of the future. Woman Who were inundated with entries for the Solopreneur category, a category often overlooked by awards as it is a company run singlehandedly by one person with an extended team of freelancers and suppliers providing support.

Grow yourself to grow your business

Formerly a corporate employee with a successful senior leadership career, Jude overcame her fear of horses and trained in Equine Facilitated Leadership (a way of working with horses to help leaders and teams develop their leadership skills).

Knowing nothing about horses, Jude bought a horse, left her corporate career and set up in business. Leaders by Nature is the result and seven years on, Jude is going from strength to strength. After a failed business partnership, she relaunched Leaders by Nature in July 2017 and has doubled her turnover and looks set to do so again this year.

Jude explains the learning curve she’s been on: “I had extensive leadership, communication, client management and financial management skills from my corporate career but nothing prepares you for going it alone. I’ve had to grow my skills in sales and marketing, as well as looking after horses and managing land.”

Role models for women

When asked why the Woman Who Achieves awards are important, Jude said: “I began my career as one of a handful of women in an office of 1500 men. I was repeatedly told I’d never have a career and I had to prove that women can lead just as well as men. There were no female role models so I carved the path for others, managing budgets of $1 billion (a budget I reduced by 25% over two years despite everyone telling me it could not be done).

“When I set up in business working with horses, I knew nothing about them and nothing about running a business. I had to learn fast. When everyone around me told me to get a ‘proper job’, I persevered because I knew the work I was doing added significant value to people’s lives,” Jude continued.

Several years later and two leadership books published, Jude is set to continue developing leaders and teams and growing herself and her business.

Jude hopes winning this award inspires other women to dream bigger and turn those dreams into reality. “I think women have a major role to play in advancing business, communities and society and it’s a privilege to show others what is possible.”

Woman Who Solopreneur Award was sponsored by Sky Blues in the Community whose vision is to “Change lives in our local community’, a vision shared by Jude and Leaders by Nature.