Rebecca Mander of GuruYou Coaching testimonial for Jude Jennison

Rebecca Mander from GuruYou Coaching tells us about her experience of leadership with horses:

Transcript of the video:

My name’s Rebecca Mander. I’m senior personal coach at GuruYou Coaching.

Recently, I went to visit Jude Jennison and her amazing team of horses. I wanted to get some direction and some clarity around my sales calls from the day. And I was quite sceptical I was wondering how on earth the horses were going to help me do that. But I really wanted to work also on confidence, and the horses did deliver, and Jude of course.

I think the learning sticks and you take it away with you actually, days and days afterwards, months afterwards because the horses help you engage your head, your heart and your gut. When all of those are aligned, it really makes for fascinating learning about self.

Since the day, I have gone on to make some amazing connections. I have Kalle, one of the horses I worked with mostly, in my mind all the time. When I’m about to do something really challenging, I just have her big brown eyes in my mind, and she pushes me on. Actually, only the other day, I had to make a call to a Chief Executive of a global company and she was there in my head going “just make the call” and I did and it was a very successful and I got a sale from it. So I’m absolutely delighted with the results.

Jude is an amazing facilitator; she’s incredibly warm and incredibly knowledgeable about her field but also she’s very aware of what’s going on around her all the time. So she’s always facilitating that growth for the individuals and knows exactly the right questions to ask in order to help them maximise their potential on the day.

If anyone was sceptical about it, I think I’d say to them “You don’t know anything until you’ve tried it. If you only work with what you know then you’re not learning anything new. And really, even if you just try to see it as a day out, then you’ll come away with so much more than you expected. Because if you’re sceptical enough to believe that that’s all it is, a day out, then you’re going to be absolutely mind-blown.

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