Mr Blue is not the youngest member of the herd but he is the silliest. People who love to play are often drawn to him because he makes people laugh.

It is national story week this week so this is Mr Blue’s story. This is an extract from my book Leading through uncertainty.

Mr Blue arrived in October 2015, aged only 5 years. He is a 16.2 grey Trakehner gelding. He had arthritis in his back legs by the age of 5 which meant he was severely lame on arrival. He was still a very young horse who had no idea where his feet were and often stumbled over them and made us laugh. Three years later, whilst he will never be ridden, he now moves more smoothly, and his feet, back and knees are much stronger.

Mr Blue – the class clown

Mr Blue loves people and is highly interactive. He is the class clown and likes to goof around. He pushes the boundaries and took the longest to integrate into the herd because he didn’t pay attention to herd behaviour. He invades personal space repeatedly, and the other horses had to be very clear with him. He does it gently out of a desire for a close connection but needs to be put in his place regularly.

He does the same with people and likes to pick up their feet with his teeth. If you let him, he pushes the boundaries further, and he has been known to steal hats and gloves from clients! Mr Blue provides a lot of the humour and fun on workshop days. He loves toys and is easily distracted, so he causes teams to get derailed on a regular basis unless they are extremely focused, clear and work as a cohesive unit.

What we can learn from Mr Blue

Mr Blue reminds us not to take life so seriously and to make leadership fun. He also shows how to balance playfulness without losing respect or focus. Often clients who get easily distracted or love to play have a hard time with him because he takes advantage of them. He causes people to be derailed by messing about and causing a distraction. Mr Blue teaches clients the balance of when to have fun and when to be focused to get the job done.

Mr Blue became anxious in 2017 and I gave him some time off to allow him to ease his workload and recover. He has come back into work and is now doing great work again with clients. I am careful to manage his workload to ensure he does not get stressed again. He has a tendency to close his eyes when he is not sure of himself and that is usually a sign that he has had enough.

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