Leadership With Horses is international

I’ve recently returned from trips to Munich and Hungary where I ran Leadership With Horses workshops.

When people hear I’m working internationally, they often ask: “Wow, did you take your horses?”

Quite simply no!

There are horses all over the world! Admittedly not all horses are suitable for Leadership with Horses work. Some of the highly bred and highly trained horses are too spirited and not safe for novices. By contrast, some riding school ponies shut down and respond to coercion because they fear the consequences if they don’t. Neither of those is suitable for the work.

Choosing horses

My own herd of 5 horses have been chosen specifically to do this work. They all share a desire to connect with people, have different personalities and skills and all refuse to engage with coercion.

So how do I go about finding horses internationally?

I’m part of a network of 300 practitioners all over the world who trained with HorseDream, the only international school of Horse Assisted Education that trains people specifically in a corporate leadership approach. All the other schools have their roots in therapy which is vastly different in approach.

I’m accredited with the EAHAE International, the accreditation arm of HorseDream.

Every year I attend the EAHAE International annual conference to connect, share ideas and network with fellow practitioners. My attendance is a commitment to my own development, as well as a commitment to furthering the development of Horse Assisted Education as a leadership approach.

Through networking at the conference and ongoing conversations throughout the year, I have developed strong relationships with practitioners all over the world so that I can partner with different people to provide Leadership with Horses to international clients. This year’s conference in Hungary represented 16 countries – from Australia to the US, Israel, India and most countries in Europe.

Leading through uncertainty

Working with horses I don’t know always takes me out of my comfort zone too. It means I have to role model for clients what it takes to lead through uncertainty.

Of course, I love working with my own herd of horses because they are so skilled in this work. My lead mare (a female horse) has been doing Leadership with Horses workshops for nearly 6 years, with new members of the herd joining us every year since then. My herd are highly recommended for clients who are flying from multiple countries as we are located with easy access to Birmingham and London Heathrow airports in the UK.

If you are an international business wanting a corporate leadership approach anywhere in the world, please call me to discuss your business needs. I’ll work with you to ensure I design a program that fits your needs and find horses who are willing to engage and provide great learning.

Meanwhile, wherever I may go, my horses will remain at home in Warwickshire in the heart of the Midlands in the UK.