Leadership energy

Leadership energy is one of the most powerful tools you have to influence others yet few people are aware of how they can use it. Your leadership energy informs people about your thoughts and emotions and has influence on everyone and everything – either positively or negatively. If your energy shows you have confidence in what you are saying, people will sit up and listen. If not, then you won’t have the impact you want. You can learn to moderate it to influence others more effectively.

The strength of your natural energy has an impact on you and others. Compelling leaders have presence as soon as they walk into a room. You sense it, feel engaged by it and get drawn in. Their energy creates that response.

Range of energy

When we think of energy, we tend to think of it in terms of high energy and enthusiasm but we have a huge range that we can draw on to influence others. You can lower your energy in a crisis situation, to calm down conflict or get attention when things are chaotic. You can raise it to create enthusiasm and motivation. In between, we have a full range that we can use to create trust and respect.

Your emotions affect your energy too so people will feel anger, sadness, joy or love without it needing to be spoken. You can also sense when people are confident and when they are resistant or uncertain. It’s their energy that you sense in these moments. When you hold back and are unsure, people will feel it and may hold back too or take over. Equally, if you provide clarity and confidence, people will be more likely to come with you.

Moderating your leadership energy

Finding the right balance of energy creates trust and mutual respect and builds powerful relationships. You can align with people and bring them with you by matching them in their energy. If your energy is too passive or you hold back, it becomes much harder to gain respect. Too strong and you could be perceived as overbearing or aggressive.

School teachers are great at working with their energy. Imagine a class of five-year-old children running riot. The last thing you want to do is start yelling at them. It only increases the energy and would lead to chaos. Teachers drop their energy and make a request in a soft, low, clear voice in order to restore a sense of calm. Similarly, when a class of 15-year-olds are bored and apathetic, they need to be inspired and engaged. Teachers will raise their energy and enthusiasm to do this.

Balancing strong energy with soft energy

Kalle was my first horse and in the early days she would spook at everything and spin round. I learned to ground my energy, to stay calm under pressure and help her calm down too. When I took on my second horse Opus, he ran rings round me when I stayed calm. He has a stronger more masculine and more dominant energy and I need to match him in that to gain his respect. I soon realised I need to play with my energy much more to influence them and it is a skill that I can use with people too.

Leading two horses with two different energies required me to master the use of mine. With Opus, I had to gain his respect by being strong and clear. Kalle needed me to balanced that strength of energy with softness to bring her own energy down and match mine. It was a delicate balance of the two. I continue to fine-tune when I lead two together because their energies are so different, and what they need in a crisis is different also. This is the challenge of working in teams, where everyone has different needs to be met.

Leadership with horses and energy

One of the key things people learn when they experience Leadership with horses is the impact of their default energy. It often surprises them. Sometimes people feel excited but externally their energy is flat and not as motivational as they think it might be. Others may unknowingly have strong over-bearing energy that causes others to hold back.

Working with horses instantly shows the impact of your energy and enables you to recalibrate to get a different result. People become more skilled in paying attention to their personal impact and more quickly change their approach to get a different result. When you are conscious of your leadership energy, you can moderate it and increase the power of your impact.

Successful businesses need an organisation of vibrant, compelling and courageous leaders who work in harmony. You can feel the enthusiasm, confidence, clarity and connection. It’s a winning combination. Who wouldn’t want to do business with that kind of energy?


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