Laura Savage from PeoplePlus testimonial for Jude Jennison

Laura Savage from PeoplePlus explains her experience of Leadership with horses:

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My name’s Laura Savage. I’m the Director at PeoplePlus, part of the Staffline Group.

I know about horses. I’m aware of horses, and to think about using them in a context quite different to how I’d certainly worked with them before was a challenge. However, I trusted my instincts and took the team to Jude, which was … You know it is quite a risk because it is a little bit wacky, and people do suddenly think, “How on earth can horses help me with my business?” But actually, the correlation and the direct impact, it’s absolutely been the best course I’ve ever put my team on.

We decided at the start that we wanted to bring the division back into profit. We wanted to gain our Ofsted grade two. We worked through the day with the horses with those goals in mind. By the end of the day, we built an obstacle course to resemble those goals. We did it three months later. We did get our Ofsted grade two, and we are back in profit and made the division a real success.

I think it’s really impactful because if you take all the different things that influence people, you look at their expectations of perhaps working with animals outside, completely out of the corporate environment, there is nothing about how your job title or what you look or how you act that really fazes the horses. They just take you as you are.

I think as part of a suite of solutions, perhaps talent development coaching, other forms of apprenticeships, or training, or education, complementing this more quirky approach, I think, is really impactful.

It’s something that everyone should certainly try and really go with an open mind. Just take it, with an open mind, enjoy the experience. Just because you think you might know about horses as I did, I learned a significant amount just from looking at it in a different lens.