Kristy Rowlett from Wesleyan testimonial for Jude Jennison

Kristy Rowlett from Wesleyan describes the real-world results that have occurred since her experience of Leadership with horses:

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My name’s Kristy Rowlett, and I’m the Talent, Leadership and Development Manager for Wesleyan. The day with Jude, you spend walking the walk. You spend walking a horse that just reacts to your actions, so you get instant feedback on how you are as a leader; both what you do very well, and also where you just might trip yourself up.

The changes that I’ve noticed with the team, and these are all of our high potential senior leaders, they are saying to me things like, “I now experience less conflict when I’m in senior project meetings. I know how to navigate through, and take people with me.”

They say things like, “I’m empowering my team more. I’m taking different leadership positions that I always thought I needed to lead from the front and decide everything. Actually, now, I’m just more flexible in adopting different leadership positions, and actually, the team are highly engaged, more engaged as a result.”

I would recommend working with Jude because it’s a completely unique experience. You’re not going to get it in any other classroom type of leadership training. I recommend her particularly because she is … A lot of leadership development’s considered airy-fairy, Jude is very straightforward. She gives you excellent feedback. She’s challenging. She’s highly supportive as well. And the learning stays with you.

I’ve been in leadership development for 17 years, and this course is the one that really sticks with people, out of all the many hundreds of ones that I’ve experienced. It’s definitely worth it because it changes you. It changes you as a leader, and for the better.