Jude Jennison speaks: Results and Relationships

Hi, I’m Jude Jennison, from Leaders by Nature and I’m out here in the field with my horses again. I’m spending some time building the relationship with them because relationships are so important, aren’t they? And one of the things that people learn around the horses is the balance between striving for a result and building the relationship.

I always say leadership’s like a knife-edge where we are on and off that fine balance of results versus relationship. And it looks something like this, that when people are very focused on the results, when they lead a horse, if they focus on where they’re going, and they don’t build the relationship first, the horses refuse to engage with them.

But if they build a strong relationship and they’re not clear where they’re going, the horses also won’t go with them. What the horses want is exactly what people want, which is:

Are you clear about where you’re going? Are you focused? Are you committed? Are you communicating the direction of travel really clearly? And are you doing it in a way where you’re influencing and guiding and persuading and inviting people to come with you through freewill without micromanaging, without being a megalomaniac and without getting involved in the detail?

I’m curious for you, where’s your balance? Is it on the results or on the relationship? Or maybe you’re flipping between the two? How do you find that knife-edge balance of the two in complete harmony?

That’s where our best leadership lies.

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