Jude Jennison speaks: Creative Struggle

​Hi, I’m Jude Jennison, from Leaders by Nature and I’m out here with one of my horses, Mr. Blue. I’m just taking a break because I’ve just started writing my third book. This book is about teams and the vitality of teams. By that I don’t just mean the health and wellbeing but how do you make sure that a team is full of vitality and vigour, full of enthusiasm?

It’s not just about the energy, it’s about having the right skills as well. It is quite common for me in the beginning of a creative project to hit a bit of a roadblock. What I know about my creativity and my creative process is that struggle is a part of it. And pushing through constantly never actually works.

Sometimes I just have to sit with the discomfort of the creative struggle.

So I’m curious, for you, how do you sit with the discomfort of creative struggle?

Where are you struggling right now?

How can you sit with that and see what wants to emerge?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you’ve got any ideas on what I should be including in my book on teen vitality, then drop your comments below or message me and let me know your thoughts about that as well.


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