Jude Jennison explains Leadership with Horses and Leading through uncertainty

What do horses have to do with developing leaders and teams? Quite a lot. My new video gives a brief insight into the world of Leadership with Horses that enables clients to develop leaders and teams.

What clients say

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Transcript of the video:

Jude Jennison:

We’re more technologically connected and more emotionally disconnected than ever before and the problem with leadership is that we all think we’re good at it and yet all of us get stuck. All of the default patterns of behaviour that people have at work show up here when they lead the horses.

I’m Jude Jennison and I help executives and senior leadership teams align their strategy through behavioural change so that they can accelerate their business results.

Laura Savage:

We decided at the start that we wanted to bring the division back into profit. We wanted to gain our OFSTED grade two and we worked through the day with the horses with those goals in mind and we did it three months later. We did get our OFSTED grade two and we were back in profit and made the division a real success.

People do suddenly think, how on Earth can horses help me with my business? But actually the correlation and the direct impact, it’s absolutely been the best course I’ve ever put my team on.

Jude Jennison:

What we’re looking at is how do you fine tune leadership, teamwork and communication? So that within that fine tuning we can make people much more effective but individually and collectively as teams.

John Wilson:

The benefits for one team in particular that are part of my department, they’ve been working with the horses for several months and I think what I’ve noticed about them is just how well they’ve started communicating with each other, how they trust each other now and they’ve aligned behind their goals, their business goals in a much clearer way as a result of the work. I think you learn things about yourself that you wouldn’t learn in any other way.

Jude Jennison:

With the horses, people build a very deep relationship and that helps them learn how to connect with individuals and once they’ve done that with a horse and they’ve witnessed each other do that, they’re able to do it with each other.

Kristy Rowlett:

I would recommend working with Jude because it’s a completely unique experience. You’re not going to get it in any other classroom type of leadership training. I recommend her particularly because she is very straightforward. She gives you excellent feedback. She’s challenging. She’s highly supportive as well and the learning stays with you. I’ve been in leadership development for 17 years and this course is the one that really sticks with people out of all the many other hundreds of ones that I’ve experienced.

It changes you as a leader and for the better.