John Wilson from NFU Mutual testimonial for Jude Jennison

John Wilson from NFU Mutual explains his experience of Leadership with horses:

Transcript of the video:

I’m John Wilson, group Talent and Leadership Manager for NFU Mutual. In NFU Mutual we’ve used working with horses in two ways. One is where we’ve brought groups of individual managers together where it’s seen to be a helpful process for their development on an individual basis. Then again, we’ve used it with intact teams so where a team of people have to work together and get more effective as a team and understand how they communicate with each other.

The benefits for one team in particular that are part of my department; they’ve been working with the horses for several months and what I’ve noticed about them is just how well they start to communicate with each other, how they trust each other now to a greater degree and how they’ve benefited from understanding the individual drivers for each of them in that team and they’ve aligned behind their business goals, in a much clearer way as a result of the work.

There’s always people who will be sceptical about this type of development intervention. But in my experience the more you can take people out of their usual context and see how they operate where they don’t have the normal support mechanisms that they’re used to and see how they can communicate with each other, and operate in an authentic way as it can have a dramatic effect on their own self-awareness, and the things that they understand about themselves in terms of their strengths and the things that they might like to try out, that they wouldn’t normally do in an office environment. It’s really interesting to see people develop.

I’d recommend this kind of work because it can have such a meaningful and memorable impact on people and individuals and myself included in that, having gone through the process. I think you learn things about yourself that you wouldn’t learn in any other way. And in addition of course to the process of working with the horses, there’s excellent facilitation support which really helps you think about why you’re taking the actions you’re taking and what’s happening in front of you while you’re going through this process.

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