Amongst all the chaos, how are your pets doing?
I’m serious. They feel your energy and vibration of the world. If you think this is a but crazy, just know that you pick up on energy too. You know when someone is angry on the end of a phone, not just from the tone of their voice. You know when you walk into a dodgy part of town or the mood of a meeting. This is the energy of emotion that impacts all of us but mostly we have not been trained to pay attention to it.
But back to the animals. Because they need our support right now.
My horses have definitely felt the changes of the last 10 days. Tiffin was the first to pick it up over a week ago. I had been watching him because he is always the most sensitive. He will pick up playfulness as well as stress. Last week, his face was crumpled with the stress in the world. I wondered if he was picking up on my stress because as all my work ground to a halt and my income collapsed but my costs didn’t, the future of my horses was in question. As I stood with Tiffin last week, I could feel the energy around me was different. He swasn’t just picking up n my stress. I could feel the vibration of the world around me and it felt similar to when Brexit happened. Stress and anxiety rising.
I know from past experience that the horses get sick if they pick up energy in this way so each day, I share with them what I’ve been doing, what is happening in the world, the stress I’m seeing in others as well as my own.
They may not understand the words but they understand the intention and the sentiment. It helps them know that I’m with them and that my care for them has not changed. As a result, within three days, Tiffin was calmer again. His furrowed forehead straightened out once more. I continue to talk to him each night as I bring them in for a feed. I’ve also told the horses that if I disappear for two weeks, they are not to worry and I will be back.
This week, I noticed that Mr Blue had been standing apart from the rest of the herd for the last few days, as if he needed space. He is normally the most playful in the herd, always distracting himself and others. He loves to work with my clients. It engages his brain, enables him to show his cheekiness.

Once I realised his behaviour was different, I stood with him, not speaking, not stroking him. Just being with him. As I stood next to him, I felt a pain across my chest. It felt like grief and as I stood with him, I felt my own grief come to the fore. The grief of losing two horses last year, the grief of the world right now. I told Mr Blue what was happening, told him it was ok to grieve and that the world is grieving with him. Yesterday he was perkier and integrated again into the herd.
It may sound crazy but for those of you who have pets, you already talk to your animals. You say hello and goodbye. You probably speak to them in a silly voice. You play with them. Now they need you to tell them what is happening in the world too.
Yesterday as the UK went into lockdown, I felt the calm as I stood with the horses listening to the birds. The traffic was quieter, no planes overhead. It might have been calmer but this is not normal for our world. The animals know that a big shift has occurred but they don’t know what or why.
Please help them to understand so they can heal and take care of themselves too.
Yes the earth is healing (a little), yes spring is springing. But in parallel, emotions are running high and we are not all in sync. Not everyone is feeling grief, stress and overwhelm. Some are feeling hope and opportunity. Some are suppressing emotions because they are too strong to deal with.
All of this affects your animals as well as you.
Speak to them every day. Tell them what is happening. Notice their behaviour. They need you to guide them through this challenging time as well as children do.
Stay well and help your animals through this too.